Important Reasons For Small Business Owners To Use Employment Screening Companies

Are you the owner of a small business? Are you tired of hiring employees who seem to have good resumes, but who later turn out to be less than competent? While this is a time consuming and possibly expensive process, there are solutions to this problem. Instead of pouring through yet another stack of job applications, here are some reasons you should hire an employment screening company instead:

Saves time: If you own a small business, time is money. Every hour that you spend going over applicants for potential issues is an hour that you're not getting new clients or working on the projects you already have. While you're busy shaking hands and making deals, the employment screening company can be running background checks and verifying employment history. Being able to do this extra work will help to greatly offset the cost of the employment screening process.

Saves money: In addition to being able to earn money while the employment screening company does their work, you can also save money on the training process. For example, a candidate might say that he or she has 5 years of relevant experience in their field. You might think this sounds great, so you hire them. If, however, you had had more time to look at their employment history, you would've found out that they have no experience at all. As a result, you could end up hiring someone who needs much more training than usual. By the time you realize that this is the case, you've already invested too many resources in their training to start anew. But if you had used an outside employment screening company, this entire situation could have been avoided. Because they do nothing but run background checks and verify employment history, they're better poised to spot discrepancies and weed out potentially troublesome candidates.

Avoid lawsuits: Many employers try to get to know their applicants better by asking for their social media information. However, this can be tricky and is a legal gray area. If you are an atheist and you reject an applicant whose social media accounts list them as a Catholic, even if you rejected them for completely legitimate reasons, this could open you up to discrimination lawsuits. An employment screening company will avoid these potential pitfalls by sticking to more traditional means. Instead of looking up the applicant on social media for illegal activities, the company will be able to search local, state and federal databases to find out if he or she has a history of arrests or is wanted by the police. 

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