Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking On A Sponsor Role With A Special Needs Protege

Promoting diversity in the workplace begins with supervisors hiring women and minorities for jobs that have been traditionally filled by Caucasian males. That diversity may be promoted further by bosses choosing to become sponsors and choosing protégés that have physical, mental, or emotional challenges. Here are three reasons why you should consider taking on a sponsorship role with a special needs protégé.

Both You and Your Protégé Get a Leg up in the Business

Just as you are focusing on increasing and bettering the skills of your protégé, your sponsorship role will increase and promote your skills as well. You are honing your management abilities and training and proving to your supervisor that you are ready for the next step up. The more protégés you train and promote, the better your skills become and the more well-suited to the next open position and a promotion. If your protégé also excels after being promoted and garnering a coveted position, it speaks to your ability to select and promote excellent candidates.

Your Protégé Proves Your Staunch Position in Sponsorship Best Practices

If you are a firm believer in equality and diversity in the workplace, and you want everyone to know exactly where you stand on this modern company practice, then acting as a sponsor to someone with a disability strengthens that position. You are not just promoting a qualified candidate, but promoting a qualified candidate that brings more diversity into the company. You are giving someone who might otherwise be overlooked a solid shot at a good career, regardless of his or her physical or mental limitations, and your protégé will probably be very grateful for the recommendation and commendations you provide.

You Will Learn More about People with Disabilities and How Their Challenges Affect Others' Views

The whole purpose for sponsorship best practices is to create an atmosphere of openness, understanding and sensitivity to others who have not found it so easy to rise through the ranks of Corporate America. By sponsoring someone with special needs, you learn how to effectively use politically correct language and be sensitive to your co-workers in the workplace. You also learn a lot more about varying disabilities and the challenges they can present to those that have them. Despite the push toward equality and the growing trend toward diversity, there are still some people who will not give people with disabilities a chance at a job that their intellect and education has clearly readied them for. You are not only a sponsor, but you become an advocate too. Click here for more info.

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