Easy, Convenient Surveys For Patient Experience

Maintaining a positive, innovative evolution of patient care requires not only the involvement of managers and supervisors, but the opinions of patients and those close to them are important. Comfortable, respectful care can go a long way towards improving recovery time and keeping non-emergency care decisions coming to your facility. To start a survey plan or make your current survey strategy more effective, take a look at a few ways that online survey design can keep your patients vocal in a helpful way.

Visual Appeal And Casual Reading

Wall of text (example here from comedy wiki uncyclopedia) and brick of text are two insults thrown at web designers, writers, website comments and social media posts every day. When a person creates a big block of text that is so dense that the eyes veer away, the entire message could be ignored by most readers.

Surveys shouldn't be packed with dense questions and large blocks of information. This may be acceptable for a job survey or a multiple choice (although there are still better ways to arrange such assignments), but for patients and caregivers who are already dealing with medical (and possibly financial) burden, you need to make the survey as simple as possible.

There are multiple theories about how long a sentence should be, but it all comes down to what is comfortable to the reader. This can be subjective, but a good rule of thumb is that each survey question or option should be no longer than a single line. If you need to use multiple lines, you'll need to dress the survey up with something to give readers a break.

Visual examples of the question can help when a description needs to be longer than a line. Avoid adding too many unrelated images or overloading the survey with too many images in general, as multiple pictures can be just as distracting and frustrating. 

One line, an image and maybe an image description should suffice. If the survey absolutely needs to be longer, make sure to give the reader a break with a few online survey options.

Progress Saving For Convenient Surveys

There are times when a survey simply has to be long in order to cover multiple sections. If you have a partially captive audience, such as patients who could receive health benefits and financial assistance from the survey, but are just as likely to ignore the opportunity, don't abuse their attention span. Encourage them by giving the opportunity to come back later.

An online survey that can be saved can help people with wandering minds, lack of interest or simply other things to do. A person may sit down with the intention of completing a survey, but may be interrupted by a request, errands or the boring realization that they have to sit at the computer for a while.

You can accomplish this save by allowing the reader to input an email address, which delivers both a link to continue the survey and the ability to enter an email address to continue. To preserve patient privacy, use a combined email address and password.

There are many other features to add, such as creating a full account to fill out multiple surveys for your facility, allowing a limited voice upload for recording statements and areas to save larger statements from the surveyed patients and other clients. Click here to contact a patient survey data professional to discuss features and techniques for convenient surveys.

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