How To Get Your Employees To Stop Leaving The Fire Doors Open

If you work in a building that has fire doors separating floors and stairwells, you may have noticed people wedging the fire doors open. This renders the fire doors useless as they now are not going to be blocking any smoke or fire from entering the floor. It's essential that the employees leave the fire doors closed for best protection, but if you find they just won't stop, there are some ways you can get them to finally close those doors.

Clear up the Confusion

One reason why people might be leaving the fire doors open is that they've seen the fire exits left open and thought everything was fine. Fire exits are the doors leading outside, while fire doors are the ones inside that need to be kept closed. You can keep fire exit doors open as long as there's nothing blocking the way out of the building. Once people know why you can keep one open but not the other, they may start closing the fire doors on their own.


If they don't, then you have to take additional steps. Install security cameras at each door if you can -- remember to put up a sign that people are under surveillance -- so people know that if they leave the door open, they'll be seen. You can use footage to identify people who keep propping the doors open.

Attached Alarm

You can also arm the doors with an alarm system. There are systems available that will wait a few seconds before going off. These give people who are legitimately traveling through the doorways time to go through; if the door is left open for a certain amount of time, then the alarm goes off. Because these are loud alarms, they do tend to convince people to close the doors.

The one drawback is that you risk the alarm going off if someone has to hold the door open for a long time because people are moving things through the doorway. Look for a system that has an override function.

Fire Department Inspection

You can also call your local fire department and arrange for an inspection. If they see the fire doors open, they might be able to fine the owners or managers of the building. That can make a lot of people very good about closing the doors.

If you're still having a problem, call in fire protection engineers to evaluate the situation.

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