What Can a Safety Contractor Do for Your Business?

As an employer, you are likely eager to ensure that your employees have a safe and healthy workplace. One way to guarantee this is by working with a safety contractor to evaluate your building and correct potential hazards. Here are some of the services that a safety contractor may be able to offer your business.

Check Building Compliance with Safety Codes

There are some regulations set by the government about safety in workplaces. Your safety contractor will evaluate how well your building complies with the codes. This could include measuring stairways and emergency exits to make sure they are adequate for your volume of employees, checking to ensure that building materials and methods are safe, and checking for compliance with regulations for disabled individuals. While your construction team probably evaluated the building for safety at the time of construction, these codes can change; if you haven't had a safety evaluation in a while, it may be time.

Look for Environmental Contaminants

Another aspect of safety is environmental safety in your building. Aspects such as proper ventilation, use of safe materials and insulation, and containment of hazardous chemicals are some of the aspects that your safety contractor will evaluate.

Evaluate Fire Safety

Fire safety is important to any workplace. When designing a good fire suppression system, your safety contractor will look at the types of potential fire hazards and choose the best fire suppression options to match. They will also determine the volume of employers and clients that come in and out of your building to decide how many fire escape routes or fire sprinklers you need in the building.

Review Work Practices

Some hazard comes from the way work itself is handled. Safety contractors can help to evaluate whether certain tasks, such as lifting equipment or handling sensitive materials, could be done in a safer way.

Install & Train Employees on Safety Equipment

Finally, your safety contractor might determine that additional safety equipment needs to be in place in your office. If you work with any chemicals that could be hazardous to the eyes or skin, for instance, they might suggest installing an emergency shower in the building. They might suggest equipment that can be used to suppress fires, such as fire extinguishers or even gas-based fire suppression systems. Your safety contractor can help oversee the installation of equipment and train employees on how to use it. In short, a safety contractor can add a lot of value to your safety inspection team.

If you're interested in learning more about safety contractors, start talking to some like those through companies such as A Crew Safety Consulting.

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